Branding Atelier
by Verter


Art-Energy — Genova, IT


Case Study: Alusense

Art-Energy commissioned MYO DESIGN to create the naming and the entire corporate Identity for a spin-off producing high-tech aluminium cladding.

Using a perforation technique that imitates the screening process in printing, the company can transfer any image onto modular panels that are then installed using a patented assembly system to cover large surfaces in an entirely seamless way.



The chosen name for this innovative new brand is Alusense. This reflects its mission to revamp industrial, commercial and civic buildings using unique, arresting images created on a high-visual-impact material like aluminium.

A communication strategy on various levels was also developed as a multidimensional embodiment of this new application of the material. It includes a dynamic, intuitive website created by the Verter web division leveraging the minimalist graphical concept by MYO DESIGN.



The pictogram is a modular construct based on equilateral triangles, just like the screen that is prepared with 60° angles for perforating the Alusense panels. Positioned at the intersections in this grid, as on the perforated aluminium, are circles of different diameters, larger in the centre and smaller on the periphery.



The logotype is a fully bespoke new design that emphasises the high-tech nature and modular construction of the Alusense product. To complement that, we chose a latest-generation monospaced font that keeps the letters in perfect horizontal and vertical alignment while fully reflecting the cutting-edge style of the coordinated image.



The business cards were designed to arouse the interest of a specialist target group, including architecture and design studios, where a focus on innovative material applications often dovetails with aesthetic sensibility. On the front, the triangular grid is reproduced tone on tone with the pictogram in the centre, printed on silvered metallic paper for an aluminium-like look and feel.

On the reverse, a matt black Materica paper was used to print all the company details in aluminium colour, with the cardholder’s name in metallised magenta. The two kinds of thickened paper were paired together to lend a sense of personality and substance to the touch, with a special metallised magenta lamina edging all around.


Web Site

The site is entirely built around the logo, which becomes the navigation hub. The pictogram’s component circles become activated for the various areas as clickable calls to action intermittently pulsating to invite users to interact. To optimise loading speed, there are no page changes, as the most substantial content is loaded dynamically – all the elements are anchored to the logo grid, moving together when the page is resized.